Our Terms and Conditions

Dial-A-House Sitter does not provide a security or armed response service. Using a house sitter creates an occupied impression and leaves your pets in good care. For a description of our services, please refer to Our Services page. Also read the Frequently Asked Questions.

The average house sitting hours are around 18:00 – 06:00. House sitters are not expected to be confined to the premises during these hours, but use discretion when leaving and returning to the property.

House sitters reserves the right to be kept company at the premises, at all times using discretion and acting responsibly.

The house sitter’s life remains priority when in danger and he or she will always act accordingly.

The house sitters of Dial-A-House Sitter always strive to act professional and responsible at all times to ensure a quality service. Except where negligence can be proven beyond a doubt, the house sitters of Dial-A-House Sitter cannot be held responsible for any damages, theft or burglary of any kind that might occur during the time of service.

In respect to liability, house sitters are contracted by Dial-A-House Sitter on a voluntary basis and not permanently employed. Therefore, they are responsible for their actions in their personal capacity. In the case of a dispute regarding damages, theft or burglary, home owners should take it up with the respective house sitter without having any claims against Dial-A-House Sitter and its owners.

Any discrepancies or complains must be reported to the team leaders within seven days after the home owner’s return.