Our services

By using our service you will not only save on kennel costs, but also leave your animals in the comfort of their familiar environment. Street-delivered mail and newspapers are collected, creating an occupied impression.

You can choose between our Live-in and Drive-in service, depending on your requirements.
Live-in service

With this option, the house sitter stays over at night. This creates an occupied impression and includes the following:

• Feeding and taking care of your pets, while keeping them company
• Walking your pets (if required)
• Taking your pets to the vet if necessary
• Collecting your mail
• Taking/forwarding messages
• Leaving your home in the same condition you have left it
• Arranging house maintenance services (if required)
• Watering indoor plants and garden
• Maintaining the pool
Drive-in service

This option is tailored for home owners who don’t require the house sitter to stay over. The house sitter will visit the property only once a day and a limited selection of the above services is offered.

Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions.