Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this service cost me?
It depends on your requirements. We strive to be competitive with regards to market related rates. For a quote, please contact us.

Will I meet my house sitter before my departure?
Yes. A meeting will be arranged prior to your departure. Your sitter will be accompanied by a team leader or manager.

What house sitting hours are applicable when choosing a Live-in Service?
All our house sitters have professional and full-time employment, so the general house sitting hours are from 18:00 – 06:00.

How often will the house sitter visit my property when making use of the Drive-in Service? How much time will he or she spend at my home?
This service entails a once-a-day visit to the property, lasting between 30 and 40 minutes. A second visit or a longer stay might be arranged at extra cost, depending on the availability of the house sitter.

What if I return earlier or later than planned?
You will need to inform the house sitter who will inform the team leader. He will contact you to make the necessary arrangements. In case of an extended period, you will receive a revised invoice upon your return. In the case of an early return, an applicable refund will be made.

What assurance do I have that my property and animals will be well taken care of?
Our house sitter are experienced and trained. Team leaders will conduct regular checkups and maintain communication with the house sitter. You can refer to our Reference page for testimonials of our clients and contact numbers are available on request.

What if something goes wrong or I am unhappy with the service?
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

When I’m out of town for an extended period, will the house sitter take care of my bills?
Yes, an arrangement can be made.

Is the house sitter allowed to make use of my telephone, internet and electrical appliances?
No, telephone and internet usage are restricted to emergencies only. Use of appliances is as per arrangement with the client.

Will my pets be well looked after? What if they turn ill?
We consider this a serious matter. The house sitters are all pet lovers and will closely follow your instructions regarding your pets. In the unfortunate event of illness, injury or death, the specified veterinarian will be notified, subsequent instructions will be followed and the owner will be informed.

Will my garden and pool be looked after?
Your pool will be maintained and your indoor plants and garden will be watered. General garden services are excluded.

If I’m signed up with a security firm, what additional security will the house sitter provide?
We are not a security service. Our occupancy will keep things going at the home front and create the impression of normal daily activities, which will make your absence less noticeable.